Wedding Photography in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire



Let me take the time to introduce myself, I’m Martin Bou Mansour and I’ve been in the photography business for over ten years. During this time I have worked on all kinds of projects on various scales from weddings to photographing ad campaigns for big pharmaceutical companies.

Of all the work I undertake, weddings are the most special. I have found over the years, that the relationship that you build when you deliver something as important to people as their wedding memories, is one of the most fulfilling aspects of a job that I can imagine. The feedback and reviews over these ten plus years, has taught me how much my service means to people.

Digital photography, on phones and dSLR s means photography is accessible to all and there are countless people with cameras competing for your wedding business. Experience in all conditions has shown me that many of these weekend warriors often fall short and sadly the results reflect that. I have seen so many ‘pro‘ images that I‘ve been asked to fix as they are poorly exposed, with feet missing or junk in the background.


When you hire me you will instantly gain a sense of trust, I deliver amazing photography, week in, week out with consistent results in all conditions. Unlike other styles of photography, weddings are taken fast in a small window of time, you have to know when to step up and organise, and when to be low key and subtle, fading into the background.

I work firstly with the bride and bridal party to put them at ease before going to the church or venue. By the time the big shoots come around I have her trust and the trust of all her family. When it comes to the group shots I step up and with a genuine charm that you can’t be taught. I organise the groups carefully and efficiently with all the guests feelings taken into account so that they feel served.


I always shoot a mixture of formal and reportage photography. Natural images are very important, but reportage alone, never works, you may have a few pretty shots, but it will not cover your true wedding experience.

I arrive with a plan as I always visit your locations on the week of the weddings, all of the registrars, priests and vicars I have worked with receive me warmly and trust that I will never interfere with the service. I am often told that I am one of the good guys, and am used to paying attention to detail and spotting if ties and button holes aren’t sitting right. Brides and guests have often said that they thought that I was guest, not a hired hand. I strive to be someone that adds to your day and helps bring energy and support.


My true aim is to put together a collection of images that really represents your day, not just an art book that looks like someone else’s wedding with you acting out the pictures. I use my university background in design to personally design all my albums in house, nothing gets sent overseas to have strangers design your personal book.

I am so proud that many of my brides and grooms stay in touch and we have a long term rapport, because we experienced their special day together. Please take the time to look at the testimonial page which I will try to keep up to date.

My pricing is very fair, and if you looked at the work I do, you would be convinced that you are truly getting your monies worth.

I would love to hear from you.

Martin Bou Mansour